Press Page & Materials Published

The press page for Joyfess Ep1: Martin’s Secret Recipe has been published today along with some press-related media. All game related press releases and materials will be published there from now on. The available materials currently include logos, wallpapers, screenshots … Continued

Game Updated – And How to Update Your Game

The Joyfess Game has just been updated! Update highlights are mentioned in the previous update post. As we always say, it is recommended that you launch your game using the itch software. Using itch to download and launch your game, here … Continued

You Asked; We Answered

A new update is coming with two noticeable artwork changes (expected on January 20th or before): 1. A comment we heard from quite a few of you is that William’s voice works better for an African dude. We acted on that … Continued

Game Released On!

The Joyfess game is now released on and ready to be purchased and played! Don’t forget to follow up for news and game updated. We will still be adding improvements to the game over the coming few weeks. We … Continued

Game Update

We have just uploaded a very minor update. Changes: – Fixed two minor bugs at the end of the game (They both don’t affect gameplay). – Added an exit point from the town scene on the far left. – Now … Continued

Optimization News

So for a while our game has been complete and fully playable. What kept us working before we launch it? The answer: optimization! We want you to enjoy fantastic graphics and voice acting, but we also want you to enjoy all … Continued

What are we up to these days?

The beta version is out and is being tested already. As it happens and while we’re preparing for the launch, we’re also spending some time making some final touches to our game, such as revisiting the walk animation cycles and … Continued

Game is Complete; Rigorous Testing Begins

After hundreds of written code lines, dozens of painted artworks and one platform transition, Joyfess: Martin’s Secret Recipe has finally reached its point of completion. The last line of the source code has been added, and it’s now time for … Continued

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