Press Page & Materials Published

The press page for Joyfess Ep1: Martin’s Secret Recipe has been published today along with some press-related media. All game related press releases and materials will be published there from now on. The available materials currently include logos, wallpapers, screenshots and trailers.

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  1. Jorge Escorcia


    My name is Jorge Fernando Escorcia Rodriguez and I wanted to send you this message to offer my services as an English/Spanish translator for any game or project you may need translated or localized.
    Just a quick rundown, I have over 6 years of experience doing freelance translating for several projects from Skryim mods to helping with community support and localization/translation for patch notes for a fan project on Black Desert Online as well as helping a small community of Spanish speaking Path of Exile players with localization questions.
    My most recent work was translation done on the latest content update for X4:Foundations from English to Spanish and I’m currently working on a full 60k words Spanish translation for Avorion.

    I can send you my resume via email if needed since I was unable to find an email to send it directly.

    Let me know if you would be interested in my services, looking forward to hearing from you and thank you for your time.

    Jorge Fernando Escorcia Rodriguez

    • Sinan Batata

      Thank you, Jorge. We will be getting back to you as soon as we’re finished with the release hassle.

  2. Andrew Mackay

    Hi here,
    My name is Andrew Mackay, and I want to say that everyone says that there is no Utopia, that they have made it up, and Thomas More invented it in 1516 when it was first mentioned in his book, but it isn’t true:)

    I decided to develop this idea in my group, here is the link:

    I want to say that every game can be perfect – if you look at it from an angle, and I will prove it to you in my review, if you send me a few keys of course:)
    I have a young group that is developing rapidly, because I put my heart into my work, just like you 🙂 whether you’re a developer or a publisher!)
    Please give me the answer no matter what it is!I really appreciate your time, thanks for conversation 🙂
    Have a splendid day!Andrew

  3. Sinan Batata

    Keys sent. Thanks, Andrew, and excuse us for the delay as we’re quite busy with the release hassle.

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