What is Joyfess?

Joyfess Ep1: Martin's Secret Recipe is a revival of the classic point-and-click adventure game genre of the 1990s, featuring traditional animation and full voice acting.

The game gives you the unique and fresh perspective of Joyfess Tidesman, a professional sailor who has slain krakens to the point that it feels no more exciting than peeling potatoes, and it's up to you to help him recover his love for sea adventures by doing something new. In this case, it's participating in a cooking contest. Steam Page - Official Page

Where can I get technical help?

If you're experiencing any technical issues, you may reach out to us via the Steam forum or Itch.io page.

Where can I make press inquiries or get development news?

You can communicate with us via Twitter and Facebook for press inquiries. Furthermore, the Press page on our website features our newest releases alongside the press kit for Joyfess Ep1: Martin’s Secret Recipe.

Development news are available on our official site and social media in addition to the game’s pages on Steam and Itch.io.

What platforms will this game be released on?

The game is already out for Windows on Steam and Itch.io with an android version in the making for release in fall of 2020. Although MacOS and iOS versions are not planned for the foreseeable future, a Linux version is highly considered. We will release further updates as we look into these matters in the future. No console versions are currently planned.

Will Joyfess be available in more languages besides English?

We are aware of the genre's popularity in other languages such as Spanish and German and are looking into localization options. If we take action towards these goals, we will announce it to our fans.

How long does it take to beat Episode 1?

Based on early feedback, it takes approximately 4 hours to finish the game in a first-time play-through. We are still listening to see how that number will change over time and branch based on different playstyles.

How many episodes will there be?

There will be two main episodes bridged by a short one. While each episode has its dedicated, standalone plot, Episode 2 will continue right where Episode 1 left off to constitute an extended narrative.

Extended narrative: Joyfess enrolls in a cooking contest to revitalize his boring life.

  • Episode 1: The quest for Martin's recipe.
  • Mini Episode: A a short sea adventure that warms you up for Ep2.
  • Episode 2: The finale, revolving around the cooking contest overseen by Chef Martin himself.

Will newer episodes come out as free updates or as standalone games?

Although the episodes constitute one story as a whole, each episode is developed separately based on a standalone plot and features a brand new set of locations and characters. Therefore, newer episodes will be released and sold separately. However, being short, the bridging episode will be released for a nominal price at most.

Can I distribute & monetize my game footage?

Feel free to repriduce, share and monetize game footage that you have recorded of Joyfess as long as it remains lawful and respectful. We were driven by passion and nostalgia in the making of Joyfess and it's our privilege to see similar sentiments expressed by the community.

I use an older PC. Can I still run this game?

If your computer is good enough to run Windows 7 64-bit or later, then it's almost certainly good enough to run Joyfess Ep1: Martin's Secret Recipe. Please contact us if you face any technical issues.

A 32-bit version of the game has not been tested yet.

Who made Joyfess?

Joyfess is being developed by Sand Wagon Games. It started off as a school project in 2011 by a band of three brothers, heavily inspired by the Monkey Island series. As we grew up and went through college and then full time jobs, we kept dedicating time and budget for the project which evolved into a full fledged commercial game.

Any more questions?

You can communicate with us via Twitter, Facebook, Steam and Itch.io.

About Sand Wagon Games

Sand Wagon Games is a family-run game development business based in Amman, Jordan. It was started by three brothers who grew up playing video games starting from the late 80s. As an adventure game and literature buff, our elder brother Haritha headed the development process of what had merely been an entry for a middle school Adobe Flash contest. Gradually, the overly basic, mini adventure game we had made for the contest grew into a polished, commercial project.


Haritha Diraneyya - Project head, writer and developer
Kinan Diraneyya - Co-writer and artist (animation & scene design)
Sinan Diraneyya - Artist (art supervision, sound/visual effects, painting & website)
Adrian Hurtado - Artist (key animation, character design & background illustration)
Melani Santoso - Artist (painting)
Vilmarys - Artist (inking)


Mike Joseph - Joyfess Tidesman
Anthony Sardinha - Indian Chief
Spencer Cannon - Simon
Jerome - William
Megan - Christina
Andrew Russel - Joseph
Mark Ryes - Ship Captain
Troy Hudson - Booth Operator
Terry Anderson - James
Paul Wilkie - Indian Guards