Finally, you can roam the Caribbean as a fearsome...




Joyfess Tidesman, a fearless sailor from the Caribbean, takes a break from his adventures by signing up for a cooking contest

Joyfess Ep1: Martin's Secret Recipe is a revival of the point-and-click adventure genre of the 1990s, featuring traditional animation, full voice acting, rich dialogues and an unpredictable, family-friendly story.

Help extreme adventurer Joyfess Tidesman revitalize his boring life by doing something fresh; away from his kraken-slaying routine. As he stumbles upon a cooking contest due the next day, it would fall upon you to figure out how to become a chef overnight. Work your way through a flow of logical puzzles to obtain a recipe, collect its ingredients and arrive for the cooking contest in time (and in one piece).




The Kraken

Young adventurer Joyfess Tidesman has been slaying krakens for longer than he could remember. In one of his routine encounters with such a monster, it finally dawned on him that he was no longer excited by what was taking place around him.

The Scroll

His exuberant, once remarkable career suddenly felt no more exciting than peeling a potato. It’s then that Joyfess decided to turn the level of excitement in his life down to the ordinary in an effort to recover his love for sea adventures.

The Nomads

But what’s there to do in the Caribbean besides sailing and piracy? Perhaps that ad he saw about a cooking competition might do well for a start. But given his inability to make ice cubes without a recipe, Joyfess must now figure out how to become a chef... overnight!

The Contest

As it turns out, however, regionally acclaimed Chef Martin accidentally dropped his newest recipe while taking off from the island by a hot air balloon. But how can you find a scroll in an entire jungle… in one day?

The Contest

Joyfess sets off to find out, and the greatest of his adventures awaits as he tries to get that recipe, gather its ingredients and make it to the contest in time… and in one piece.


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a Classic point-and-click adventure from the golden era

Re-live the point-and-click adventure genre of the 1990s with story-driven gameplay, lots of character dialogue, logical puzzles and a well-knit story with various surprises.

A fresh story in a familiar setting

Joyfess was built upon an original storyline in the all too familiar Caribbean setting, which was written and perfected long before we even started the development. And no, it is not a pirate adventure, all our hero wants is to become a cook!

Traditional Animation & Fantastic hand-drawn graphics in full HD glory

Wander an entire island experiencing 15 beautifully painted location backgrounds and traditionally animated arts that take you back to the golden era before 3D & puppet animation dominated the world.


Meet a memorable cast of fully voiced characters

There's the adventurous, the nonchalant and the Machiavellian. With 90 minutes of spoken dialogue, the quirks and persona of every character you run into are sure to deliver a delicious and memorable interaction.


The Protagonist

Having slain dozens of krakens in his career, adventurer Joyfess Tidesman attempts to revitalize his life by doing something relaxed and ordinary by signing up for a cooking contest.


The Bartender

William is the player's only source of clues about the now-gone legendary chef Martin. But this sharp fellow won't be giving any of the trade secrets away without a few favors & some serious persuasion.


The Rival

When you're the best at something, someone will always challenge your position. Simon is another sea adventurer, and his rivarly means you'll bump into him more often than sheer chance permits.


The Librarian

Tucked away in the island's quiet library, Christina reads and writes towards fulfilling her scholarly dreams. You'll find a great complement in her sharp mind to Joyfess' adeptness at action.

Full Game Features

  • Totally Unpcredictable: Delve into a well crafted and unpredictable story with numerous twists and turns
  • Nostalgic But Fresh: Experience the familiar Caribbean setting through the fresh perspective of an aspiring cook
  • Traditionally Animated: Relive the classic adventure vibe in a modern game where every character is animated frame by frame in full HD
  • Memorable Characters: Try some of the optional dialogue responses to explore each character's backstory and for an occasional touch of humor
  • Fully Voiced: Explore hundreds of conversation branches constituting 1.5 hours of spoken dialogue
  • Beautiful & Cartoony: Wander an island across 15 locations with colorful and vibrant shades of happiness all over the layout
  • Moderately Challenging: Use deductive logic to solve fun puzzles with indirect hints to keep the game flowing
  • Family-Friendly: Joyfess was made to appeal for adults and children alike



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It took us over five years to make Joyfess in this beautiful and nostalgic image. With intellectual challenges, humor and a rich game experience that is second to none, Joyfess is perfect for anyone wanting to discover how good adventure gaming can and should be. Although it's mainly targeted at adults, its light-hearted and funny nature suits the whole family.

Give yourself a break from the intense modern games of shoot-em-up, blow-em-up, run-em-over-and-laugh and other competitive games. Relax and have fun.

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Hand Drawn
& Animated

We have animated the game's graphics frame by frame to bring the retro cartoony style to the big, high-def screens of today.

Memorable Characters

You'll love (or hate) each character in the game for a set of reasons as distinct as their personality, attitude & background story are.

Fully Voiced

And we mean fully... Every word on the screen is spoken in exquisite performance, with a generous team of over 10 professional actors.